Ramen IZAKAYA English kinshichyo yotteba


★★★I recommend it.★★★

fried pork dumplings of legend 450yen

回回回回回 Noodles 回回回回回

★Noodles★Extra 100yen for a noodle with your meal

Syouyu ramen 600yenSoy sauce ramen in Japan
Char siu ramen 850yenroasted pork fillet soy sauce ramen
mabo ramen 700yenSichuan style bean curd; mapo doufu; mapo tofu ramen
Dan dan ramen 790yenSzechuan Sesame Hot Noodles
Wantan ramen 790yenchinese noodles with wonton in soup.
butanokakuni ramen 930yenBraised Pork Belly ramen
Tanmen 700yenChinese noodles in lightly seasoned soup with vegetables and meat
miso ramen 750yen[miso]Miso is made from fermented steamed soy-beans with malted rice and salt. Miso soup is an integral part of the Japanese diet.
pork Kimchi ramen 750yenKorean style spicy pickles of various vegetables and other ingredientsa and pork

★Fried noodles★ Extra 100yen for a noodle with your meal

Gomoku ankake yakisoba 800yennoodles, topped with meat & vegetable starchy sauce
Sauce yakisoba 650yenJapanese Style Noodles
Shanghai yakisoba 950yenShanghai style fried noodles


回回回回回 Rice 回回回回回

★Fried rice★ Extra 100yen for a fried rice with your meal     With soup

Fried rice 700yenwith various ingredients
ebichiri fried rice 950yenSweet and Chili Shrimp fried rice
Shrimp & lettuce fried rice 850yenShrimp & lettuce in fried rice
Crab & lettuce fried rice 850yenCrab & lettuce in fried rice
mabo Fried rice 780yenSichuan style bean curd; mapo doufu; mapo tofu fried rice
Kimchi fried rice 750yenKorean style spicy fried rice

★bowl Rice★ Extra 100yen for a bowl rice with your meal     With soup

Chinese bowl 750yenchopped vegetables and bits of pork in clear, thick sauce over rice
Tenshin bowl rice 780yencrabmeat omelet on rice
Mabo bowl rice 780yenbean curd Szechwan style rice
Stamina bowl rice 850yenEggs and meat and vegetables
buta no kakuni bowl rice 950yen
braised pork Nagasaki style bowl rice

■Rice・Small bowl Rice

Rice Regular size 250yenthe regular rice
Rice large size 300yenChampion size Hahahahaha
Half fried rice 350yenwith various ingredients
Mabo half bowl rice 350yenbean curd Szechwan style rice
Half roast pork bowl rise 450yenStamina up


回回回回回 Saute 回回回回回

★Saute★ With rice and soup for 200 yen plus

Mabo tofu 650yenbean curd Szechwan style
rebanira saute 650yenfried beef's lever and leeks
niku yasai saute 650yensauteed vegetable with beef
Hui-guo-rou 670yendouble cooked pork
gyuu motu pirikara itame 700yenbeef intestine spicy Saute
Subuta 720yensweet sour pork
Chinjao Rosu 750yenGreen pepper steak
ebi chiri saute 750yenprawn in chilli sauce
Stamina saute 770yenEggs and meat and vegetables saute
chop suey( happou-sai) 920yenchop suey eight treasure vegetables
■■■↓Recommended set↓■■■
With rice and soup for 200 yen plus※ limited only person who ordered the stir-fry
Half fried rice 350yenwith various ingredients
Mabo half bowl rice 350yenbean curd Szechwan style rice


回回回回回 Fried Food 回回回回回

★Fried Food★

★★★chicken wing tips 450yen★★★★★Spicy Salty-sweet sauce of legend★★
French fries(Chips) 450yenMcDonald's also surprised:)
geso-ka 490yen deep-fried squid tentacles
chicken Karaage 550yendeep-fried chicken (Japanese style)
hamu-katsu 500yenham cutlet
Harumaki 300yenspring roll



★small dish for alcohol★

Edamame 390yengreen soy beans
Changer 490yensalted Pacific cod entrails in hot spicy sauce
Tyoregi-Kyuuri 390yenkochori (a kim chee flavored cucumber )
Bang bang chicken 550yenshredded chicken with spicy sesame sauce
Wantan 550yenpork-filled dumplings
Buta syabu stamina source 650yenshabu-shabu made with pork in Stamina source
Char siu 550yenroast pork
Ebi mayoneezu 650yenshrimp with mayonnaise

Satsuma age 400yen fried fish cake (Japanese style)



★Lao jiu★

Shaoxing wine 600yen


ASAHI Beer 350m 1 cans 250yen
ASAHI Beer 350m 6 cans 1380yen
KIRIN Low-malt beer 350m 1 cans 150yen
KIRIN Low-malt beer 350m 6 cans 840yen


black oolong tea 350m 200yen
black oolong tea 1000m 550yen




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